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Dacor Range ER36D

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I wish I'd found Samurai earlier. I've seen a fair amount references to Dacor disassembly --but never specific to the ER36D. Nor concise enough to allow me to dive in completely. I have removed alot of screws, a skirt/bezel or two, the burner knob bezels but can't get to the blue LEDs (one burned out. Hah! I presume). I got a new one and a spare. Can anyone help answer the following:

1) In some of those refs there were links to Dacor repair "goodies" -- but none specific to the ER36D - did I miss them? I've found the CAD docs on but there's nothing all that useful in those.

2) wants me to log in. I take it I need to be "professional" to get an ID? if not, how then?

3) When I called Dacor to get the LED part number (100121) the rep mentioned there was a lot of disassembly involved. Must the brass burners be removed prior to removing the spill trays?

And is removing the spill trays the correct route to get at the LEDs?

4) if yes, does the part I've seen here: "burner removal tooL" 86007C do the trick? How to use that tool? does it go into the hole vertically? I can't see how it would grip horizontally.

5) if no, anyone know the correct burner removal tool?

thanks for any help.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Knob Lights (LED assembly)

Turn off the gas supply and power to the range at the junction or fuse box.

Remove the spill trays.

Removing the Spill Trays

Turn off the gas supply at the supply valve and power to the range at the junction or fuse box.

Remove the grates, the burner caps, burner rings, and crown burner heads from the cooktop.

Remove the spill tray trim screws, located above the spill trays E , from the back, front, and side panels.

Slip all four (4) spill tray trim pieces F that were held in place by the screws out of the side, front, and back panels G .

Use the thread ring removal tool H (Dacor part# 101539, included with range, see page 3-6 for location)

to remove all four (4) thread rings I from the crown burner bases (eight [8] thread rings total).


Dacor recommends using anti-seize grease on the thread rings during reassembly.

Doing so will make future disassembly easier.

Remove the screws from the stack burner heads H (eight [8] screws total).

Remove each of the stack burner heads.

When removing the head, disconnect the igniter wire from each one.

Gently lift up on the back of one of the porcelain trim pieces I where the spill trays J come together.

Pull it toward the back of the range and out of the stainless steel trim piece above the front of the spill tray.

Be careful not to chip the porcelain.

Repeat for the remaining porcelain trim piece.

To remove the spill trays, pull up on the back of each spill tray and slip it out of the stainless steel trim piece toward the front of the range.

Be careful not to chip the porcelain.

Pull off the knob in front of the LED assembly to be removed.

Doing so will make it easier to see the LED assembly from the back side.

The LED is held in place by the LED holder A above the valve stem B .

To remove the LED, push in on the LED gently with your finger.

Then reach in from the back side of the cooktop front panel C and pull back on the wires connecting to the LED.

Disconnect the LED assembly D at the connector E about six (6) inches from the LED.

When remounting the LED, push the LED into the LED holder from the back side until it stops.

Replace the knob.

Reassemble the cooktop and test it to make sure the LED is working and that the cooktop has been reassembled properly.


Service Manual

Cycle Charts

Service Bulletin - LED Varister

Circuit Path Drawings 36"

Service Bulletin - ERC test points

ER36D Part Catalog

Service Bulletin - Touch pad test

Service Bulletin - Reversed temp sensor

ER36D Wiring Diagram

Service Bulletin - Controller temp upgrade

Service Bulletin - Voltage Test Points

Error Codes

For service manuals and lots of other goodies,

become an Apprentice==>

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Oh! Boy! Is this gonna be fun! Now if I can find that 101539 -- found it at repair clinic and it looks somewhat familiar. Thanks for the totally instructional verbiage.

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Repair/replacement completed. After, of course, coming across the burner ring tool -- a day after ordering a new one. Thanks, RegUS

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