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Maytag Atlantis washer MAVT634AWW stuck in spin mode.

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In the past I had noticed some black rubber bits accumulating below this washer but it had been operating normally. Recently, it started spinning indefinitely and the timer wouldn't advance to complete the cycle.

Wash cycle worked fine and water would drain during the spin cycle but the knob wouldn't advance to stop spinning. If the timer knob was pushed in it would stop spinning, but when the knob was pulled back out the motor would only hum.

The motor slides were gummed up with debris from the old belt so while replacing the belt I thoroughly cleaned the motor plate and lubed it with silicon spray. At the same time I replaced the timer thinking it wasn't advancing because something had broken internally. Unfortunately, that didn't help and the problem still persists.

Also, when lubing the motor slides I noticed some fine white shavings inside the base of the washer but couldn't identify any source for them.

Any ideas?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Did you replace the timer with a used one or a new one? Ebay special or OEM replacement part?

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