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Jenn Air Downdraft Slide-in JDS9860AAP

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Working on a Jenn air down draft. Complaint was that the exhaust fan wouldn't work. Found the fan relay board in the back was crispy black. So I ordered one, installed it wire for wire and turned the power back and the breaker instantly tripped. I was digusted to find the same exact burn patern on the new relay I just installed. I looked it all over and couldn't find any shorted wiring, the motor didn't seem to be shorted. Any ideas? The diagram shows the neutral wire from the fan relay board going to the neutral of the main terminal block, but on this oven it was going to the main EOC to the terminal marked " NB ". The diagram shows this wire going to the DLB relay, In other words the wires were switched. I don't know if this matters, if it is the cause of my problem, if its a typo, or what. I don't know if someone else has worked on this unit and maybe switched the wires or what. I don't want to put in another relay until I have a theory on what happened. Any help would be appreciated.

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You need to go by the wiring shown on the diagram in the tech sheet. Very likely this was worked on before and you walked into a hornet's next. Ask the customer about this.

Can you post a photo or two of the burn area and maybe the mis-wired terminals?

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