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tommy frazee

Maytag Neptune Dryer Model # MDG6800AWW

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My Neptune Dryer just sunk. I believe that the thermal fuse just blew....Can someone please help me systematically remove the cover so I can replace the thermal wife is on the warpath...

Also, where do I go to remove the thermal fuse? I think its located on the blower housing unit in the front.. Please advise...Thank you

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Open the door and remove the 2 phillips screws in the hinges (item 20),

remove the 2 phillips screw on the opposite side where the hinges

would be if the door was reversed (item 35)

Flex the 2 upright pieces of item # 22 and pull forward and remove.

The front bulk head item # 29 is held in place with (2) screws on each side.

You will notice that there are 3 screws on each side but one of them on each

side only hols the bulk head together..doesn't actually attach it to the frame.

Once the screws are remove the screws and brackets item # 27.

Now you can raise the top about 2" and pull the bulk head off.

There will be door switch wires can either leave them in place

or disconnect from the door switch...just remember their locations.

The thermal fuse is item # 40...It will be attached to item # 43 should read "closed" with your meter

or 0 continuity.

If this is the culprit make sure you clean the bulk head / filter housing

as well as check your venting thuroughly for a clogg or restriction.

Thermal Fuse Link




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