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Kenmore Whirlpool SxS ice dispenser icing up 106.58562890

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I have a Kenmore Whirlpool SxS refrigerator.

Lately there is frost buildup in the ice chute in the door, and backing up into the mechanism in the bottom of the ice bin. And ice on the front of the ice bin, and in the ice crusher too.

This prevents ice from dispensing. Actually, if I have it set on cube, ice is not dispensed properly, if I put it on crush I get cubes. Weird. The motor runs fine. Things are turning.

This one has always been slow, however to dispense ice. Since new.

Anyway, it seems from my reading this problem is often caused by the door failing to close completely, and sure enough it's pretty loose and floppy. I can't really say for sure that it's not closing, but it's awfully hard to inspect where it is.

I read some threads and some comments that the front cover just pulls off.

That's what this post is about. I pulled on it and it doesn't seem to just pull off, and I am afraid to break it.


It's this white plastic cover.


I pried on the right and I can't see that it comes off by snapping, and I can't see what's holding it on.

Can anyone give me a few pointers for this model?

I suspect the chute door hinge is broken or fallen out of it's place.

I just don't want to break it.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I read about that kit and that may be what I need, but I need to get the front cover off to see it.

That's what my post was about. The bezel. White plastic, about 12x14"

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on this cover, there should be two little slots at the bottom of the panel.... ( ya gotta get down on the knees and look up at the bottom of the panel )


...I use a mini-pry bar,....when you pry on the panel, it will pop off at the tabs on the inner frame......

I did not know if this fix-it kit mentioned by K-dog........fixed this one last week....


..hinge pivot point broken off..



....made this part out of a 1/4 inch 'P' clamp from a copper water line



took a few file swipes to get the correct dimensions...


almost as good as new..... darn picture alignment

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Awesome post, CTG! dude.gif

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Did you just screw the p clamp to the housing...can't tell from the pic

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