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Whirlpool Duet Sport HT Washer WFW8500?

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A couple of weeks ago I washed a kitchen sink rug. The cycle stopped mid cycle. I tried to drain and spin but the cycle stopped again. Had to remove the soaked rug and throw it in my tub. Continued to do laundry, including washing this rug when it had drained. Recently the machine stopped during a cycle. It just stopped as if it has been paused during the cycle. The time remaining was flashing. It must have sat like that all night. I tried to restart it, by pressing the start button again. It starts up. Watching, I noticed that when it starts to spin, the lights on the panel shimmy, off and on, as if there is a loose connection. A few minutes later it stops again. I can repeat this process, but it will not complete the cycle.

Any ideas what's going on with it?

I am not at all familiar with washing machines.


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Is the drum full of water?

Can the washer pump out the water in the drum?

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