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Frigidaire Front-Loader Washer Model#GLTR1670ASO not pumping

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Hey all,

This weekend I spent much time reading posts on here figuring out how to take apart my washer that suddenly stopped draining. After reading here I figured it must be a clog, and opened everything up. Alas... not even a penny nor a sock in my hoses, or pump. I did find a small pin, but nothing else. I think therefore, that my pump must have died on me.

I am looking to order a new pump for my washer, and have been given two options. One is a frigidaire pump with model number AP4359940 that runs about $100... the other is a kenmore pump with the model number 137108100 that runs about $45. Obviously I'd like the cheaper one, but not if it's not compatible with my washer. Can you let me know if the cheaper one will work for me? They both look exactly like the pump I have now...


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

It seems to make a light humming noise during the spin cycle, I think that's the pump... I think it is getting voltage, because it was a little warm when we pulled it out (not hot, or overheated, just warm)

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