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Frigidaire vs. Whirlpool?

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We are looking to buy an upright freezer, and with the features and price range we are looking at, we have narrowed it down to three choices. Two of which are Frigidaire, and one is Whirlpool. The two Frigidaire models are FFU21F5HW (frost free, 21cf), and LFFH21F7HW (Lowes exclusive, frost free 20.5cf). The whirlpool model is the EV201NZTQ. Interestingly enough, this one shows up as 17 cf on some sites, and 20cf on others. I think that's a typo.

Anyway, you don't have to comment on the individual models if you don't want, I guess we're more curious about your opinions between the two brands. We're mostly worried about reliability and longevity. We plan on buying an extended warranty, but we are hoping to find one that will last much longer than 5 years.

Any advice you might offer would be appreciated, thanks!

I hope this doesn't spur any Ford/Chevy type flame wars here. :-)

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

If you were a subscriber to my award-winning newsletter, Appliantology, you'd know the answer to that! This was the topic in a recent issue:

Appliantology Newsletter, June 2011: Samurai’s Appliance Brand Recommendations

Lol, well now that I know about it maybe I will subscribe! Thanks that was a great article. Unfortunately, you've given us buyer's remorse for the Samsung refrigerator we just bought last month. Oh well, that's already a done deal, can't do anything about that now.

But as far as my original question, your article tends to favor Whirlpool in the refrigerator department, but Frigidaire was also in your "Recommended" section. So to me, they're still on about equal footing. You did mention excessive compressor failure in the Frigidaire refrigerators, and I have read about the same problem in the Freezers. We are going to probably get an extended 5 year warranty for that reason (at only $60, that's a good deal for something that's almost guaranteed to happen in the first five years). But the fact that you didn't mention any faults with the Whirlpool refrigerators or freezers has me kind of leaning that way.

Either way, repairability and parts availability sound about the same on both. So While we're leaning towards the Whirlpool, there is a killer deal on one of the Frigidaires right now, so I'm still on the fence.

Thanks again for pointing me to the great article.

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