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Maytag Neptune Dryer

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Maytag Neptune Gas Dryer Control Board blank .  Model MDG5500AWW

Light inside dryer works.  Continuity checks OK for thermal fuse on blower housing and Hi Limit Thermostat. 

More info.  Actually dryer is 1 1/2 yrs old, parts still under warranty, but not labor.  For everyone's info:  Repairman came out.  Diagnosis:  Getting 110 to Control Board; Bad Control Board.  Charge for Diagnosis: $78.25.  Ordering Control Board; will come back and install.  Labor to install: $83.95.  Control Board under warranty, no charge.  However, Control Board at this internet site only costs around $85.  (From the Appliance Repairman $140 something.)  Looks to be very easy disconnect and re-connect.  I already had access for him to the Control Board and the front off of dryer if he wanted to look at anything else besides the Control Board, thinking I was saving labor charges.  Was told twice by person anwering phone at repair shop that if repairman didn't have part, I would not be charged another labor charge.  Technically this was correct because I was charged a Diagnostic charge and now will be charged the Labor Charge.  Am I pissed, yes.  By the way, my Maytag Neptune Washer has two tears in the rubber seal and leaks.  Labor to replace $104 - which I know is more than the part costs ($83 from Repairman - sure it is cheaper here.)  Am I pissed again: yes.  What do I think of Maytag?  Very mixed.  W & D both do an excellent job but this is ridiculous to have these 2 repairs on machines less than 2 years old.   Would probably buy a different brand in retrospect.  The worst part is my old dryer was over 20 years old and working fine (easy to replace belts, igniter, drum rollers and I was able to do all myself) except for it was noisy but I figured 20 years?  Replace them both at same time.  Sorry I did.

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