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Dishwasher refills wihle draining or drying DWU7402AAB

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We noticed in the past couple of weeks that our Maytag dishwaser still has water in the bottom of the compartment even after a regular cycle.

I checked the filter ... its clean.

I checked the drain line .. its clean.

I ran a cycle and watched underneath and listened closely. Its draining OK ... but I then hear/see that its also refilling as its draining, or as the dry cycle starts after draining. Even if I "skip ahead" in the cycle, it begins to refill. This also happens on Rinse and Hold, but there isn't as much water since it finished its short cycle before it filishes filling.

I see the float working on the micro-switch, but that should happen as it drains/filly. I'm not sure what else to look for. Might the controller be getting confused when its in a "don't fill" state verses other times? It otherwise works perfectly.

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