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Loud electrical hum, dryer fails to start: Kenmore 110.97590110

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I have a ~ 18 year-old Kenmore dryer (110.97590110) with multiple organ failure. I have a couple of questions for forum members:

1) Is it worth saving?

2) If so, what strategy would you recommend?


Failure has been progressive over the past 5 years or so. Here are the failures, in order of appearance:

1) Wrinkle Guard / touchup function ceased working...irritating, but I can live with it!

2) Buzzer at end of cycle. At this point my wife was pretty irritated since the freshly dried clothes would likely sit and wrinkle without further notice from the dryer.

3) Heat control. I have no evidence (i.e. measurements) but it certainly seems that the clothes come out well done, even when the fabric selector is on "delicate".

4) Electrical hum / dryer fails to start. The last, perhaps fatal, failure occurred today, when the dryer emitted only a fairly loud electrical hum upon depressing the "start" button. After several seconds the hum ceased and the dryer was quiet. I can spin the drum by hand with moderate effort, clockwise only.

So that's where we are. If necessary, I can start separate threads for each of these items, but obviously the most important item right now is number 4...I'm not going to bother fixing anything else until the drum rotates again! If it is possible to comment on the other items as well, that would be most appreciated.

I have recently cleaned the vent. Venting distance is about 12 feet, with several 90-degree bends; the folks who built our house apparently didn't think about where the appliances would go until after the walls were in place!

Thanks again,

- Steve

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

You most likely need a new motor to fix problem #4. if your sure the belt and pulley aren't binding. With all the other problems it's probably time to let it go peacefully. :boohoo:On top of the 4 issues you have, the 18 year old dryer should have the belt, pulley and rollers replaced also. Mo money. Of course, that is just my opinion.

Edited by SANTA

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Thanks SANTA! Boohoo indeed!

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Thats funny. The "boohoo" in my post was supposed to be an emoticon. :boohoo:

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