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Maytag Performa PAV2300AWW Won't Spin

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I have a Maytag Performa PAV2300AWW Washing machine. It seems to work fine until the spin cycle. Won't spin...nothing. Drains the water though.

The thrust bearing has been replaced.

The lid switch is working.

The belts look fine (no cracks, shinyness on the business side, they look new)

The transmission pully (the biggest one) turns easily by hand, feels good.

Removed the tub to see if anything wedged in between, but nothing there.

Motor runs (agitated fine). Does this motor run in both directions? Maybe one direction is not working?

Cannot turn the tub by hand, not an inch!

Is it the tranny? Help!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

More info...

Turning the Trans Pully CCW will turn but very stiff. Seems as if the break is not disengaging.

I took a look at athe trust bearing and when turning CCW the cam olny reaches the Min Pulley Hub reference mark. The spacing washer is the thin one. I tried to put the thicker washer on and it's not even close to fitting, can't get the C-ring in. I did pull the shaft down as far as it would go to try to get it to fit, but no way. Does this new kit (12002213) fit this washer?

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When the cam engages how does it disengage the brake? Doesn't this have a real heavy duty spring in it?

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Howdy, Notyet. Sublime Master offers some pearls of wisdom on this problem here:

And here's some info on checking and adjusting the brake: Checking and Adjusting the Brake in a Maytag MAV or PAV Top-Loading Washer

Make sure there's nothing stuck between the inner basket and outer tub as this is a common cause for no spin in these machines. More here: Diagnosing a No-Spin Problem on a Maytag Performa or Atlantis Top-Loading Washing Machine

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