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Maytag MFI2568aeq HV or LV board or dispenser keyboard?

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My parent's Maytag mfi 2568aeq is on the fritz. Over the last couple of weeks, it has been (off and on) refusing to produce ice & water from the dispenser. It seemed random at first, sometimes we could get water, sometimes ice, sometimes we were so lucky to get both--oh the glory days! Now we seemed to be locked out. Every now and then when a button is pressed there is a beep but it has been rare and I have not heard it. (The beep is reported by the parents.) There is no flapping of the flapper, no other sounds--aside from the beep. The ice maker continues to produce ice (we just fish it out by hand) and the keyboard panel continues to light up but I am not sure if any of the keys are actually working, can't really tell if they are depressing or not.

While it matches many of the symptoms of HV board issues, I am wondering if it may not be just an issue with the keyboard panel or maybe the LV panel--how would I go about determining this? The parents cannot agree on if they have had the HV board replaced within the last 2-3 years but I think it may have been...why would it fail again so relatively quickly?

Many thanks in advance!

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