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Replacement Compressor for GE model NHX 8G from 1952?

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Hello, I am a reference librarian in New Jersey. I had a patron come saying he has a GE NHX 8G from 1952 and that the compressor recently broke down. He wants to know 1) if there is any possibility he could find an original replacement compressor for this model or 2) if he can't, if there are particular modern versions that he could implement to get the fridge up and running again.

My colleague and I did some searches but I defer to the infinite wisdom of the Samurai! Can you help?! Some other resources indicated that we probably could safely put a modern compressor in (since an original would likely be next to impossible to find) so my next question would be how to determine the right kind to use? I am hoping to at least point him in the right direction.

If anyone is interested, he provided me also with a pdf of the original ad and specs for the unit. Would appreciate any insight!


Alex T.

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