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KEBS278DBS6 Can KitchenAid oven keypad connection be fixed?

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We have a KitchenAid Superba (KEBS278DBS6) double oven, which had the famous "Cleaning Cycle blew my fuses" issue where we put the oven into self-cleaning mode, which blew the thermal and thermostatic fuses on the oven. Thanks to help on many threads here, I was able to get the oven open, then replaced the fuses, as well as the blower. Everything "appears" to be fine now, except every time we turn on the oven, after about a minute or two it shuts off and shows error code F2 E0. From looking at the manual, it looks like that means there is a connection error between the control board and the keypad. I've tried cleaning the connection, as suggested before, but no matter what I do I always get that error now. So I figured I would replace the keypad. Unfortunately it's no longer made and can't be replaced. I've searched everywhere.

We're being told that our only choice is to dump this oven and get a new one. What I have a big problem with is, everything seems to work fine on the oven! I can't believe we're gonna have to spend $2-3k for a new oven, when the only issue is the connection between the keypad and the control board! I'm an IT guy, I undestand computer hardware, and this keypad isn't "broken", it still works fine for setting the time, setting a timer, putting in a temperature, etc.

So I'm wondering if there's ANYTHING I can do to save this oven? Seems like an unbelievable waste to toss it because of this error code. Is there any way to bypass the error? Can anything be done? Can I replace a ribbon cable or something?

Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Looks like the white one may still be available but just not in stock right now ==> Touchpad

Try contacting Bruce at and see if he can rebuild the touchpanel for you.

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... we put the oven into self-cleaning mode

this white part should work, but it's $ 562

(return for any reason, less shipping)



The black part may be still available somewhere, but may not be returnable

It may be a bad Touch-panel, OR the (bad?) Controller isn't "seeing" the (good?) Touch-panel.

“My Rules”:

Rule # 1) Don't ever use Self-Clean on any Oven.

Rule # 2) If you're thinking about using Self-Clean, see rule # 1.

Self-Clean uses nearly 1000F for 3 hours or more. burnin.gif

That can wreak havoc on Electronic Controllers and Connections.

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Thanks guys, I'll consider my options and discuss with the wife. Nice to know I at least have options!

Thanks again - Eddie

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