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GE Profile Model #PFS22MISBWW Not working and clicking sound

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Since buying this refrigerator in 2005 we have had GE come out 3 times to fix it (only once under warranty). Every time the problem was the circuit board and it was replaced. The freezer started acting up again and I was in no mood to deal with GE. Thanks to the many other discussions and articles that I read here on the site we were able to get a new board from GE for free, and install it ourselves without any problems.

However, the refrigerator and freezer are still not cooling down. All of the fans are running and everything looks good. It is now frequently making a clicking sound that it was not making before. Can someone point me in the right direction with what this may be? I thought I read somewhere that it might be a temperature gauge of some sort. I don't know. I am beyond frustrated, as is my wife and 3 kids with this thing. Also lost another couple hundred in food again. Thanks GE.

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