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Viking All refrigerator Mode: VCRB364LSS - I have a clogged in the drain. Water accumulate at the bottom

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Brand: Viking

Model: VCRB364LSS


I think I have a clogged in the refrigerator.

There are water accumulating at the bottom of the refrigerator. I have removed the many covers in the inside of the refrigerator to see if the drain hole is clogged. But there is no drain hole, or I was looking at the wrong place.

I have emptied the drain pan and verified water is coming out from the refrigerator into the pan. However, I see more water collecting in the bottom of the fridge than in the pan (maybe because most have been evaporated?)

What could be the problem? How can I fix it?

Btw, is there a service manual available for this model?

Thanks in advanced.




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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I'm not really familiar with Viking but the white rubber grommet in the pictures may be the drain. Do you see any small holes aound it for water to escape. also you could run some flexable tubing up the drain from the bottom side to insure there isnt a restriction.

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