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Guest Mr. Manure Spreader

speed queen washer screaming like a, like a, well it's loud

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Background: I know jack squat about most things

A few years ago, my friend asked me to look at her washer.  I did.  I saw a belt was broken, so I replaced it.  Super.  It worked.

This week, the speed queen washer started screaming like a, like a, well it's loud

Doesn't seem to matter if it is when agitating or spinning -- the washer is loud.

Please advise.  I am guessing a pulley, or tensioner ... and a new belt. 

Where does this job fall on the suds-o-meter?   Going to get some beer now.

Muchas thank-ias

Mr. Spreader


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

[glow=lime]Unsolved Mystery UPDATE[/glow]


Just moments ago, I had yet another encounter with the enemy.  The force is strong with him.

Anyway, I wanted to test a couple of things out ... not really knowing what the test will tell me for sure (See footnote)

Anywayzzz ... I took off the belt from the motor to the pump, and through the machine on spin.  Low and behold, there was no more screaming from the machine.

My guess is that the water pump is bad.  Does this sound right, o wise ones?

I told my friend that she probably had 3 choices:

1) buy a new machine

2) try washing clothes with out the pump ( and consequently w/o water)

3) replace the pump

She's opting for #3 ... depending on what I learn here.

Please advise,

Mr. Spreader


Footnote: My testing the pump/belt theory.  It reminded me of when I travel to another country, like Haiti.  I learn how to ask how someone is doing, or how to ask for directions.  I get those questions down pat, but it really gets me no where, b/c I have no idea what in the heck they are saying to me in return.  Like this test ... I thought it was a good idea, but really had no idea what the results were telling me.

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Well, what I'd do stick a screwdriver into the pump where the motor normally contacts with it, check to see if it's worn and see if you can move it. It should move without any problem and not produce a lot of noise.

If that is the case, then you can take the pump apart after draining the basket and see what's caused the problem; the pump works by spinning a piece of straight plastic, centered in a circle, around. One side fills from gravity and as the plastic piece moves around, is pumped out to another hose My guess is that since it's making all that racket and not leaking, the part that seals the straight plastic piece and the outside of the pump is to blame.

Might also be nice to include your washer type :P Model number, ect.

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[glow=blue]The speedqueen has been healed![/glow]

This speedqueen is healed!

I stared playing with the pump that I removed.  I was looking in it with a trouble light, and saw a suspicious piece of wirey-type stuff, so I pulled that buggar out of the pump.  It was a piece of a heavy duty paper clip.

I put it all back together and, well let's just say that my friend's jr. high son, is wearing clean undershorts again.


and fyi, next time i will remember to put my model number in.

for those of you keeping track at home, it was speedqueen model AA4211WE


I love this site.  None of my friends believe me when I tell them of the mighty samurai and his great deeds.  The scoffers can just keep busy scoffing, but I will have cheaply repaired appliances!

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Shazayam! Wish I could've taken part in your repair success, but you whupped it alll by yourself. Nice work! :cheers:

But it was great reading about your repair saga, thanks for sharing. :dude:

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