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Jenn Air Downdraft Slide-in JDS9865bdp

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I need some ideas on this Jenn air. The customer complaint was oven not hot enough. I checked it in various positions in side with my thermocouple and it indeed averages about 75 degrees cooler than set after letting it warm up plenty long. This is with the control calibrated all the way up (35 degrees). So I checked the sensor and I reads 1080 or so at room temp. The only thing left is the control, so I replaced it. Nothing has changed. I am at a loss, I even tried in a fit of desperation to reposition the sensor lower in the oven cavity to no avail. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I have seen on very rare occasions where a heating element doesn't simply fail open but it's resistance actually increases enough to make it out of spec. I don't have the spec on that element but it may be on the tech sheet (it's not on the wiring diagram, I already checked). But it should be in the neighborhood of 30 ohms.

The element wattage will be stamped on it. Look closely, you'll find it. You can calculate exactly what the resistance should be by:

P=E^2/R ==> R=E^2/P = 240vac^2/(stamped wattage)

The other thing to check is the supply voltage to the element. Could be dropping some voltage at a high resistance connection somewhere.

Given what you've already done, this is about all that's left.

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