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Is there a whirlpool model that matches this Kenmore 110.20912990 model #

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I have drawn much wisdom from this forum when I repaired my Model LSQ9244EQ0 Whirlpool . I have aquired a Kenmore model #110.20912990 + to my great pleasure it appears to be a newer model of my whirpool,

Is there a direct cross reference number from the Kenmore to the Whirlpool ?

The reason I aquired this is apparently the motor just hums. That is what the person I got it from said. He pulled the motor from the washer + decided it would be easier to just get a new one. To my benefit.

My Whirlpool had some issues recently ( Look for my other post about a leaking pump and maybe screwing the pooch when I jumpered the lid switch to test for leak, my bad.)

I have checked the capacitor + it seems it's bad.(Checked with a VOM.) Almost no deflection on the meter. The start cap for this and my old washer part numbers don't match. Have not checked the mfd value on my old one. So can't rob Peter to pay Paul / if your not familiar with the term your way younger than I / look it up ! Ha !

I would like to check the motor windings to determine they are OK before I pop for a new start capacitor. ( Nothing on the motor burned and all looks OK)

I'm in the swim pool industry / (30 + yrs) and have rebuilt lots of pool motors + am familiar with what connecters to check on them to determine if there is an open lead or correct resistance per wire leg.

Can someone here instruct me on the procedure to check the washer motor or where to find this info?

My experience with Kenmore equip is it's difficult to find repair info available thus wanting the whirlpool link,

Thanks in advance for any assistance . I will drink a toast to your health.



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

no direct cross reference to Whirlpool model number,
but here's the Kenmore 110.20912990 tech sheets
Tech Sheet - 3953819.pdf
link PM'd

Does it Agitate at all ?
Does it Spin at all ?
Have you tried all of the Speed (Cycle) Selections ?
Known for bad Speed (Cycle) Switch



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Capacitors are different - if the capacitor was bad, motor would Hum/overheat

What exactly are the symptoms with the washer ??

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Reg Us,

The WHIRLPOOL /w/ the timer problem never hums ,from the way it acts my guess would be an open in the drain or spin circuit. Just trying to verify HOW to test for that. I was testing it with a jumper in the lid switch harness / did not check to determine jumper working properly / just assumed ( yes I know what assuming does!)/so that is possibility / (no continuity to allow drain spin cycle to work) Will check + let you know.

The KENMORE is the one with humming motor, I found how to test motor windings ie/ low speed 2.9 ohms according to will figger that out .

this is the washer I was wondering if the speed cycle switch could cause similar symptoms / HUM. My guess is there is a way to check continuity through the speed cycle switch ?

We should take ol K DOG out + give him a Little WHAT FOR for causing the confusion re the posts :deal: . HA !

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Have attempted to restore as originally posted - let me know if you don't like it - going to chop off my happy fingers


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Reg US _ Patoff + KDOG

Turns out with a happy ending / The Kenmore washer had a bad capacitor . My motor supplier had one in stock + I'm doing laundry from home instead of the laundramat by a local pub . I'll probably save enough to buy a bottle of scotch.


I'll recycle the old Whirlpool after keeping the parts that match up with the new one. I DO appreciate your assistance .

Many blessings on you my son's + I will drink a toast to your good health + welfare !!!


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keeping the parts that match up with the new one..

Yup - same here, have a machine quite similar to yours (see avatar) and a whole mess of spare parts ready to go - when the parts all dry up, mahn'll keep on tickin' !

Thanks for the update and the trip to the woodshed

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