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Maytag SAV2655AWW leaking

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So looking at our washer, I realized that it was leaking water. I decided to investigate and opened the bottom part of it and saw that water had been spun around and that it looked as it was just on the bottom. A couple of pictures are here:



So I did some research and saw that it could be the Tub Seal and Bearing Kit, but I'm not sure if it is both or just one of them. Seeing if an expert can see and let me know please. But I also wanted to disassemble the machine to look at it further but got to this part:


Now I saw that there is a $30 tool to unscrew this, but I didnt really want to spend that money. If I use a tool of some sort, I'm just scared it will break the part as it is just plastic. Any advice or ideas?

Here are some more pictures I had taken...






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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I agree with Grand Master kdog- it's just not worth the blood, sweat, and tears to do this GITMO repair on this POS washer. Put the money toward an LG front loader.

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Do you guys know what the parts cost would run on this thing? And maybe a way to unscrew that plastic part...

Thanks for the info on the washwers tho!

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Here is the spanner wrench for removing the whole aluminum block that is under it, nut will come off with it - there is a tool for that nut, but the seals are redesigned so that the nut is not used with the replacement - the spanner is needed though



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