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Whirlpool DU1100XTPS9

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Neighbor has this dishwasher DU1100XTPS9 in a foreclosure property he refurbished for rental. S/N FU0805980 so it's not yet 5 years old, has not had much use. House sat empty for a year, he has been working on the remodel for almost 2 years. First renters move in Nov 1.

Anyway, the DW worked on initial testing. He had the kitchen power off to change an outlet. Upon repowering, the Normal and Cancel/Drain buttons are flashing. Don't know if it happened at that point or previously.

None of the buttons on the panel are responsive. It won't either start or cancel. He hasn't yet tried cycling the power again.

I haven't yet looked for a tech sheet on the unit ... but I didn't notice one when we had it out to clean the water valve a couple months ago (clogged with debris from plumbing work, caused low-fill during initial testing). Where might the sheet be stashed?

I have a copy of KD-12 service manual but there's no reference to flashing buttons for error codes.

Probably can't get into any diagnostic routines if the panel isn't responding.

Would this be a bad touchpanel?

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stuck Keys

DU1100XTPS9 Tech Sheet - W10082651.pdf

link PM'd

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Thanks for the replies. Sucks that the panel has gone kastickey on a unit that was used maybe two years at most ... although it has sat unused for 3 years.

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