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Asko Washer W6021 burning fuses like ten day candles

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I have looked on the forums and the web for this problem and have not seen it.

We have an Asko W/D pair that we bought in 2003. The washer is 120V and plugs into the dryer.

I chased off the service men a few years ago and have been making repairs, mostly brush replacements, since then.

A few months ago, the washer started making screeching noises, which sounded a lot like dying noises.

It did finally die. Big Clue Symptom was no power light when the power button was in.

I pulled the brushes, which were only half way down. I replaced them anyway, since I was on the floor under the washer, but that did not fix the problem.

I downloaded the parts list, found the fuses, and pulled the W/D combo out six inches so I could get behind it. I found no continuity on the washer fuse - white, ceramic, 15A/250V. I replaced the fuse and the washer started, sans dying noises (???).

All's well that ends, the Firesign Theatre sez, except that each next fuse dies in about 10 days. At $1.40 a shot, this beats an Asko service call by a long way, but fuses fail for a reason.

I am clueless, other than to think the motor is dying. I don't want to run that $200 experiment without a stronger feeling that the motor is the problem.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Need to trace the fuse wiring. Is the fuse for the motor? You could also check current draw (amps) when the motor is running.

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