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Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer Overheating - WED6600VW0

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Oh Great Appliance Guru's, I am in great need of your wisdom.

I have a Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer, I moved in March of 2010 to a new house and at that time the dryer started blowing Thermal Fuses at the hot air exit. That house had a really long 20' hot air vent and I focused all my time trying to fix the vent, all the while replacing fuses every two weeks to 1.5 months. In March of 2011 we moved again and now the dryer basically is connected into the wall and blows directly outside. I was hoping that this would fix all my problems but, I am still blowing thermal fuses. I spoke with some folks and they said it had to be a grounded heating element, so I replaced the heating element and the fuse, and blew the fuse the same day. The dryer is now getting really hot to the touch on the outside and you can smell poly melting. So then I replaced the thermostat, and the thermal fuse, again the dryer over heated and the fuse blew.

I think I am now at my wits end with this thing, have sunk 100's of dollars into thermal fuses, heating elements, and thermostats with nothing to show for it, other than melted clothes. I am throwing this out as a last gasp for help before I call someone in to fix it. </p>



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

No error codes, the symptoms are pretty much when I turn on the dryer and press start nothing happens. The cycle light says sensing and I can hear a clicking coming from the back.

I did replace the main thermostat on the Heating Element

However I did not replace the upper thermal fuse.

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Could have a stuck relay on the board



Or, a failed thermister



Either way, you'll need a meter to test resistance of thermister, and/or voltage to element - and run unit disconnected from vent so you can verify good air movement and feel (measure) outgoing temperature

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Thermal Fuse will stop the Drum Motor.
Heater isn't powered without the Drum Motor running.
Replace the Thermal Fuse and run the Dryer in the Air-Fluff / no-heat cycle.
There shouldn't be any heat

.and check your Venting System
Dryer Vent

Vent should be rigid metal.
Short lengths of flexible metal may be OK, if not crimped when moving the Dryer into place.
NO plastic
NO screws
Foil Duct Tape is OK.
With an empty load, Timed Dry, High Heat, the vent temperature should cycle somewhere between 135F and 160F
Check / clean the Dryer Vent
Disconnect the Dryer Vent and check for good air-flow there and where it exits the house.
Check the Vent air temperature at the back of the Dryer.


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Thermal fuse part link ==> Thermal Fuse

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relay on control board is sticking needs new board

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