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Fisher and Paykel MW059AU Washing Machine Will Not Drain

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Hi there, I have a Fisher and Paykel washing machine Model Number: MW059AU. Sometimes when I start a cycle it will fill, and wash as it should but when it comes time to drain the water for the first time it will try for maybe 30 seconds or so and water seems to come out but then it stops and beeps every second with the lights on the wash indicator showing up as 00100101.

I held down the Water Temp Down button and powered it on then pressed the spin speed button up until the hold and slow lights were lit and the led sequence that shows up is

off off on off off on off on

Continuing to press the spin speed up button results in other light combinations appearing as well but I am not sure what any of the light combinations mean or if they are error codes or not. I can go out and get all the combinations off the machine if it is required.

I have tried looking around for the service manual but I am unable to find one, a friend of mine thinks that it may have a clogged pump or something to that effect but I am not sure what the LED combination means on the top of the machine. One interesting thing is that sometimes (rarely) it will complete a cycle with no problems, most times it will not, advancing the cycle does nothing however switching the power off at the wall for at least 60 seconds then powering it back on allows it to turn on and be at the same stage of the cycle pressing the start button will make it resume the cycle and drain the water with no errors then rinse, spin and complete.

Thanks for your time



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

is the water still in the tub? I'm not real positive what the light mean, as I haven't worked on a F&P washer in quite some time. I would recomend that first you find a way to remove the water from the tub, and then check the drain pump, and the diverter, as well for blockages. These to me would be the first places to look for a blickage. I know its for a different washer model, but it may help you if you have a diverter on your machine.

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For manuals and lots of other goodies,

become an Apprentice==>

37. (001 001 01) Phase 1 to 6 · Pump Blocked Error (No Change in the Water Level)

While draining, the water level reading from the pressure sensor has not changed for over 3 minutes.

There are three likely reasons for this fault.

One is that the drain hose or the pressure switch hose has been squashed or kinked

and the pump out rate has been dramatically reduced.

The second possibility is that the pump is partially or fully blocked.

The third is that the pump is not operating due to Motor Control Module, wiring or pump failure.

This fault could also appear if the SmartDrive is pumping to an unusually high head of drain hose

or into an extended length of drain hose.

The fourth possibility is a diverter valve fault or blockage.

The water level is not altering as the diverter is stuck in the recirculation mode,

giving the module the appearance the pump is not lowering the water level.

Primary Source: Pump System.

Action: 1. Check that the drain hose has not been kinked.

2. Check the length of the drain hose and try to reduce the length if excessively long.

A 1 metre extension hose of the same diameter fitted to the existing drain hose is the maximum allowable length.

3. Check for open circuit windings in the pump.

(Note: Pumps are fitted with a thermal cut-out that will reset on cooling.)

4. If the bowl is empty of water, remove the pump from the pump housing and check that it is not blocked.

Also check the drain hose is not blocked.

5. If the bowl contains water, then service the pump from the top of the SmartDrive by removing the top deck and inner bowl.

Bail out the water, remove the pump cap and hood and clear the restriction.

Secondary Source: Wiring.

Action: 1. Check the pump harness IS connected correctly to the pump.

2. Check continuity of the pump harness.

Tertiary Source: Motor Control Module.

Action: Activate the pump by operating the SmartDrive in spin mode.

Check the pump is rotating.

If it is not operating, and Primary and Secondary checks have been performed,

then replace the Motor Control Module.

Note: Consider fitting Pump Hood Kit (Technical Bulletin WM013).

If 5kg SmartDrive, fit splash guard to pump.

Quaternary Source: Diverter Valve failure (Phase 5 and 6 Eco's).

Action: Check the diverter valve, see fault code 51.

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Thanks for your help, we will check the pump at some point.

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