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GE DBXR463ED2WW Squeaks like a Sonofagun!

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Wise Appliance Gurus, I seek your council.

I have the above mentioned GE dryer. My wife and I picked it up on the cheap from craigslist, and its worked fairly well for us over the last year. However, its had this squeaking that I knew about a year ago, but of course have not done anything about. Now its squeaking continuously, and driving me slowly insane. Plus it tried to eat some of my t-shirts the other day, which is just not acceptable behavior here.

From my reading here, it seems like this dryer is held in fairly low regard anyway, but that I probably need to look at replacing the slides, and now probably the bearing support in the front that goes with it, and also maybe a felt seal and a rear bearing. Thats a lot of stuff.

Especially for a dryer that we bought for $60.

So my question is twofold:

1. Should I bother to fix this thing?

2. Does it seem like the above items would be the fix?

Much thanks!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

its a fairly cheap fix, about $50 bucks, for the front bearing and all 4 tub glides.

I'd want you to double check the diagnosis first though. it only takes about 30mins to fix.

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Thanks for the links and advice. We are headed out for the Thanksgiving holiday,so Ill pull things apart when we get back in town and see how things look in there....

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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