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417.42142100 Acorns in feed tube from soap drawer?

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Hello :-)

I have a Kenmore front load washer model 417.42142100 and was away for a couple of weeks hunting. When I got back, the soap drawer had a bunch of small acorns in it. I cleaned those out but realized there were more that had gotten in behind the drawer and fell down in the feed tube to the drum, but not come out in the drum.

DANG MICE!!!! Winter is coming and they want to get in out of the cold.

I figured out how to get the drawer out but now I need to get the acorns out of the feed tube..??? When the washer is filling , water backs up and runs out of the drawer into the floor. HELP!!

It is a great wassher but it is making a mess in my floor and I have a lot of laundry to finish up.

Thanks so much for your help in advance!


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Locate the duct in the door boot where the water enters and carefully use a vacuum cleaner and piece of wire etc. to clean out the duct. - Once it is clean and water runs freely through it, you may have to perform a "Yee Olde Crap Trap Enema" on the pump/drain system.

More on that here: http://www.applianto...__1#entry206817

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