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Bosch HBL742 AUC Built in Convection oven Strange heating problems

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Hello and thanks for this great forum, Wish we would have found when fridge went out.

We have a Bosch HBL 742 A UC that is not heating this is a complex problem.

After a routine ooven cleaning mode, and perfectly functioning oven for the last 4 years

First of all our oven would not stop heating after it was turned off in convection bake mode or conv. broil mode.

We would have have turn the oven power off at the breaker.

Convection Broil functioned properly without issue,

Normal Bake and broil also were fine.

Turkey day, turkey no bakey.... Low heat 180 deg tops.

No worries we have an appliance protection service plan from DTE energy (our electricity/gas provider)

The service tech arrives and I pull the oven out , Turn on Fast Preheat Convection Bake, and it works like a charm.

After the tech preforms a few electrical tests he determines the convection heating element has burned out and has to order the part.

After putting the oven back in, later that evening. Now the broiler both convection and normal broil will not function nor the normal bake. The sad part is we broil most of our dinner items.

Now the fast heat Convection bake and Covection Bake works like a charm.

Somthing tells me that the Covection Heating Element is not the problem.

Any useful thoughts on this problem would be most helpful as so I can be prepared for this technician and hopfully shorten the repair process.

Is there a service manual for this model availble or a wireing diagram?

Thanks again for a great forum, beats the heck out of FixYa

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

It sounds like the control board mighta gotten it's little silicon brains scrambled. To confirm, you would need to get into the manual test procedure, check the configurations for oven type and power supply to make sure they didn't get changed and then manually fire up each element within test mode. The procedure to do this is too long and convoluted to cut n' paste here but is all laid out in the training manual for this range. We provide manuals to Apprentices on request, read more ==> Apprenticeship

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