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Asko W660 washer won't turn CCW.

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My Asko W660 washer is getting a "motor wash fault".

It is not rotating in the CCW direction but seems to do everything else ok.

I pulled the motor (#8061774) and inspected the brushes. One brush was longer than the other, but both were ok. I cleaned the brushes and commutator and replaced the brushes in the opposing positions. Washer tested with same results.

The motor has 7 leads.

1-2 appear to go to a tachometer located on the end.

3-4 go to the brushes.

I think 5-6-7 go to the stator windings.

The resistance between 1-2 was 68.5 ohm.

3-4 was 3.8 ohm for each of the 18 rotor pair tested through the brushes.

5-6 was 1.7ohm

6-7 was 1.1ohm

5-7 was 0.8ohm.

Do the resistances appear within spec for this motor? I am thinking that my problem may lie in the motor control unit (#8061399). All of the wire connections are clean and look good. The MCU does not show any signs of overheating anywhere.

Does anyone have a service manual, motor winding diagram or MCU schematic?

Thanks for any advice.


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W660 info

links PM'd

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