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No Heat & bizarre stuff - Miele T1576 (Dryer, Novotronic)

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Hello forum,

for 4 years now we lived happy with our Miele dryer.

(new old stock, the model is older)

Quick summary of symptoms and diag. done so far.

  • Unit stopped drying properly, no previous occurrences, no heat!
  • Upon opening it became apparent that condensation was everywhere
  • exhaust pipe had separated from blower casing (probably due to household move in recent past?!

  • took off top & bottom, cleaned inside, drying for a day.
  • hooked up unit, does not throw an error code.
  • Hmm, smells like burned hairdryer after I shut it off. Back of the drum does get hot.
  • Blockage unlikely, pumped out air volume is plenty.
  • At one time the heating element can be seen glowing dark orange after a few seconds when opening the door while running. After that it works during more test runs.
  • Put machine together completely and connect everything - again no heat!.
  • Touching the drum I feel a slight tingling resonance when plugged in, this time I wonder and measure:
  • Voltmeter shows 50-60VAC between me and the drum - oups!
  • Dryer responds to all control, no problem

I did not see any corrosion, will go over all major terminals tomorrow.

At this point I am a tad uncertain what to assume.

Over the day I had heating element, sensor, thermal resistor etc. in my had...

Now I add faulty connections and possibly fried boards to my suspicions.


  • Any ideas on how to proceed, what the culprit most likely is?
  • This is my first time inside a dryer. I was not entirely sure what I would get into, removing the drum, so I decided to work with limited access and limited space. Is there a manual somewhere for this series Novotronic dryers?

One lesson from this: If your Dryer is being moved over 2500miles, check everything inside :yucky:

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!


It could be a grounding issue here, may / may not be related to the heater problem?!

Dryer worked fine in this setup for ~3months.

After the move we only have an un-grounded 3-prong 220V outlet, compared to the 4-prong 220V outlet at our old location.

After some research, I rigged the dryer with a 3-prong cord.

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Please describe "rigged" in detail.

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