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Does anyone make an quick connect drain for self standing icemakers?

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I have a GE monogram free standing ice maker. Due to its nature (constantly needing maintenance), I was wondering if there was someone that made drain but with twist-lock fittings? Perhaps (i'm dreaming this up.... So just go with it.) some accordion tubing with a swivel connection that would lock to a bulkhead counterpart mounted on the floor?

I'm a big fanatic about easy of access for both the consumer & repairman. If you can retrieve or even see a filter from an air handler up in the attic, then why even bother in the first place??? So naturally I'm looking for a more robust drainage system than a 3' piece of heater hose shoved down a p-trap under the house.



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You could add a small size condensate pump made for these units. Or the PEX fittings could be added to the existing drain hose.

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