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Noisy bearings? Kitchenaid 4KUDC220T4

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Our older Kitchenaid dishwasher makes a loud intermittent (bearing like?) sound during its runs. The sound typically occurs every time at the end of a cycle when the motor is stopping. From time to time it also sounds during the wash cycle - and is pretty loud. After a while it may go away or not - it sort of has a mind of its own.

The unit washes the dishes just fine - so if it is an easy fix - I'd just as soon fix it - then replace it.

I saw on this site another post talking about how the bearings could begin to leak and that would be seen by water found under the motor. I took the front kick panel off and saw no signs of water. I recorded the sound and can email it to you if you send me an email address (the file is too large to be attached to this post). Attached is a picture of the bottom of the unit showing no evidence of water.

I wanted to know how to take off the top filter screen as there was mention in another post that crud could get in the food chopper mechanism so I included a picture of the inside of the unit with the spray arm removed. I've felt all around the bottom and can feel no crud - but if I am supposed to remove the top I can do so - just let me know what screws to remove.

Thanks for the help.

Hmm -only the first picture got posted so here is the one of the inside of the unit



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Here is a sound clip of the sound -At the beginning it says 'avs media demo' as I had to trim the audio clip to fit the site size limitation - but just after that the sound starts.

squealing sound.mp3

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I think you need to apply this technique:

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