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Freezer is not getting cold :(

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First of "Hi", im new here, so please be gentle :D

And now for the problem !!

My Beko TZDA627FW is no longer getting cold.

It is in the garage and just before Christmas (as always) the indicator light came on and it no longer gets any colder that ambient temperature, even when set to max.

It is "on" with the indicator lights on (including the "warm" warning light and sounder)

The compressor is audibly running

It sits around ambient tempearture, which is around 6/8 degrees

I have tried turning it on and off :P

I have left it off for 24 hours (to see if anything would "reset")

I have tried using the "fast freeze" option

none of which work

I assume(d) it was the thermostat, but can't seem to find anywhere (including Beko) who stock a replacemnet thermostat as with other models.

Does this model have a standard thermostat or is it part of the PCB or control board

Any advice is greatly appreciated :D

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Ello guvner......I am guessing your are on the other side of the pond...Ya gotta help us Yanks a bit .....Could you post a picture of the wire diagram/schematic???,,, Most blokes like us to start with is that it is a 240 volt operating system.....Jolly good...and say "Hi " to the Queen Mum for me.................

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