LG WD-80160F frond load washing machine wont spin, on QC test Spins FINE!

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Hi everyone,I will try to explain my story..

Well my LG WD-80160F washing machine problem is :

At any program when its time to pass into spin procedure, it does not spin (till then all the function are working fine)...

Only it tries to spin (speeding up for 2-3seconds) and then go back to normal right-left turns..

after a while tries again and then the same..

So the choosen program never go to END..tha draining pump works all time...and no error shown up..

I get the service manual and made some tests.

On QC test Spins FINE at 400rpm . 600rpm and 800rpm..!

here is the manual

I have already check these:

1.Drum spider

2.motor brushes

3.door lock (not yet 100% completed, can i test it direct in main voltage to see if its working??)

4.Cable connections.

5.Pcb inspection (I tried to find a new part to see the price but there is nothing for sale, even from LG )

6.Drain pump


8.Inlet pump

Next step : I will also remove the belt and check if it spins.. (maybe the belt is too tight)

I have read also many post fro similar issues..

It may be the PCB..I dont know..

Anyone had before the same problem??

Thanks a lot for your time..

Waiting for yours opinion.

Maybe late i post some pics..


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Are you using HE detergent? If so, how much? More than a Tablespoon?

Could just need to be cleaned out...

Have you ever cleaned the machine?

Do you use "HOT" wash periodically?

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