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maytag (amana) nav5805aww will not spin clothes completely dry

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I have an amana nav5805aww that has had problems spinning the clothes dry. It may not be getting enough speed. I replaced the belt, the snubber, brake assembly, the pump(which was bad), and the thrust bearing... and lubed the sliders. All of that was done because it was not spinning the clothes dry before any of that.... it agitates, it spins, although maybe not spin as fast as I think it should.

When it comes to adjusting the brake, the directions read: "manually rotate the drive pulley in a slow counter-clockwise direction until the brake starts to release and the transmission begins to turn." And now the question:

When I attempt to manually rotate the drive pulley counterclockwise, the brake does not release and the transmission does not begin to turn... I have tried one thin thrust washer, one thick thrust washer, and both together to no avail. I have dismantled the thrust bearing assembly to be sure it is in correctly and my belief is that it is. What appears to be happening is that upon counterclockwise rotation, the reference cam is stationary, i.e. moving with the pulley but within the reference points...

Any help would be deeply appreciated..

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

if you have replaced the brake assembly and thrust bearing and your sure that it's

all assembled correctly then you need to ensure that there's nothing between the

inner and outer tubs.....if that looks good then you have a bad tranny.....i have

seen 3 units over the years with this type of tranny failure...rare but does happen.

Hopefully you purchased the parts from repair clinic so you can return them.

its possible that you could have gotten lucky...some of those units carried

a 10 year tranny warranty. your owners manual will state your warranty


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