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Amana AGR5735QDQ Range, removing/replacing glass door front

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We had a houseguest who tried to clean our oven.

They spilled some cleaning solution on the inside of the glass pane.

They tried to remove the pane and clean the glass, which they did.

They definitely did not put it back together again the right way. I'm looking for

a) Detail pictures of a properly assembled door / front of range

b ) Service manual

c) Directions on how to re-assemble from completely disassembled, which is a place I can get to.

d) Whatever else helps.

Help me, various ninjas, you're my only hope.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Here's an exploded view of the door parts which is really all you need. It's comes apart and goes together just like it looks. Take pictures along the way to help you remember. Post 'em here when you're finished for valuable prizes!


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