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Ben Stiles

Troubleshooting a buzzing Kenmore elite dishwasher, 665.13753K602

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I've stumbled across your forums, and hopefully someone here can help me out.

I've got a 5-ish year old Kenmore elite dishwasher, model 66513753K602. A couple of days ago, it suddenly started buzzing very loudly during a cycle. I quickly cancelled the cycle- and then started looking into the problem. There was a technical service document nicely attached to the inside of the base plate, and after reading that for a bit, I found that there was a built-in diagnostic routine that I could run. (There's an online copy of the document too: I found it here: ). During the diagnostic run, it turns out that the buzzing happens during step 12- and 12 only- and that the only load that's applied during this step and this step only is the detergent/rinse aid dispenser. I took off the door cover, unplugged the dispenser, and ran the diagnostic routine again- and voila, the buzzing was gone.

So, it seems that either the dispenser itself is bad, or the relay that controls the sensor is bad. The resistance at the solenoid on the dispenser is supposed to be between 280-330 ohms, and it tests at 283, so that looks ok. In addition, the door of the detergent dispenser seems to open ok as well- so I'm not sure what the buzzing is. I can't speak to the function of the rinse-aid dispenser, since I never use that.

I suppose I could just replace the dispenser module and see if that fixes it, but I'd rather determine if there's some other underlying problem with the electronics before I start throwing money at it.

Thanks for any help!


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Domo for letting us know! :thumbsup:

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