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Kenmore 106.53606202 icemaker will not do force harvest

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I jumped points T & H and it will not harvest. History on problem, walked in and found water on floor, looked like it came from stuck ice in dispenser, cleaned that up and opened freezer and found ice on bottom of freezer. Looks like it over filled but now it will not make ice. Could it be the ice-maker or the emitter/receiver boards?

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there's a little more to cycling the icemaker

on units with the emitter/ receiver boards.

make sure the flapper is closed over the

emitter board, jump T & H, shut the door,

unplug the frige, wait 15 seconds, plug

frige back in. Ice maker should start to cycle in

about 5 seconds.

are the tines that rotate to eject the ice

in the 2' Oclock position if your facing the front

of the icemaker as pictured below? if not and they are stuck in

3-6 o'clock position and theres no ice in the mold then the module

is bad.


Emitter / receiver diagnostics


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