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silent, cold toaster oven

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Konnichiwa! I live in Japan and have a question about my toaster oven (called 'oven toaster' here, incidentally).

It's a leetle tiny el cheapo Sanyo model, SK-PG1, 1000watts. One day it just stopped working! There are no on/off switches or knobs, just a wind-up timer on the front.  It still makes the familiar, comforting clicking sound as it winds down, but neither of the long flourescent-lamp-type-thingies (on top and bottom inside oven) warm up. Yes, it's plugged in, thanks. :P

I had a repair-guy over to fix the door on my other, real oven, and he glanced at my lifeless Sanyo, muttered something about a 'blown fuse,' and snickered that it would be cheaper to buy a new oven than to have someone come out and fix it. "oh no, my dear lady, don't try to fix it yourself!" he warned, before donning his toolbelt and disappearing into the sunset.

Can you tell me what a blown fuse on a toaster oven is? Can I go out and buy a fuse? Or must I toss my beloved oven-toaster (well nigh 5 years old) and purchase a new one?

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

There's some good information on toaster oven repair in an old thread here

Not sure if yours would have a fuse or not.  But these are very simple devices, I'd open it up and use my meter to trace out the circuit until I found the dishonorable component.

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Thank you, most honorable master (bowing deeply, head thumping floor)!

Since a meter would cost more than a new oven, and I don't know how to use a meter, and wouldn't know a dishonorable component unless he insulted me mum to me face, I'll probably cave and purchase a new el cheapo oven.

But I live in a home full of appliances threatening to die off! I'll be back!

shitsurei shimasu...

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