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GE ZISB480DMC Water dispenser

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My water dispenser does not work. It has intermittently done so in the past, but now nothing at all The ice dispenser works fine. I hear a solenoid click when I depress the lever for water.

I remember reading a while back about some problems they had with a freezing water supply tube on my model. Im not sure if thats my problem or not.

Id appreciate some help on this matter. The needed parts with numbers and directions would be helpful too.


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The first thing to do is undo the water line connection that is below the left bottom of the freezer door, might have to remove the kick plate. Then press the dispenser and see if you have water pressure to that point. If you do then you can test the frozen water tube theory by using a hair dryer to warm up the water tube area for about 10-15 minutes with the door open and see if it thaws out. Be careful not to melt the plastic with the hair dryer. I've noticed alot of times it's a small amount of ice that thaws out by the time I get the heater kit installed. I'll get back to you with the part # of that kit. Found it: Heating-Element-WR49X10173-01066441.jpg

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