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Asko W600 washer, rear of drum removal?

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Hi there,

recently came accross your most excellent forum after going one too many rounds of frustration with our Asko W600 washer.

Any forum that combines appliance repair with a love of beer and thing Nihon is alright by me!

Ok so to business. My 12 year old Asko w600 has been making a variety of scraping and screeching noises when it washes. So far have removed front panel, pump and main drain hose. The booty so far amounts to several coins, nails, staples, bits of wire, and lots of hair clips/pins (the last being the main culprit.)

I'm down to one noise which is a scraping/scratching when the drum rotates - removed the rear panel and it appears to be coming from under the round plate on the rear of the drum. There is a triangular plate in the middle of it, with one big bolt. (see picture)

My question is - if I undo this bolt, will it remove the cover plate or is it the key to total drum dissassembly? I'd like to know before I turn it!

Thanks in anticipation,'




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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Hi there,

An update - I was investigating further, ended up taking the belt off the drum and then rotated it by hand - silence. So the last scraping noise must have been in the motor.

Funny thing is I put the belt back on and it was not doing it any more. Have just run a test load of washing after putting it all back together and I think it is sorted.

Whilst putting it all back together I noticed that a previous repair person had "fixed" the shaft of the main control knob with some sticky tape. Does anyone know an Australian source of Asko parts that will post to rural areas? I googled around a bit and found one place I could call in Sydney, but no one with online inventory - can anyone help me here?

I checked out Repair Clinic, but the notes say shipping to US only.


Thanks anyway!

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