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Whirlpool (UK) AWM 8163 Washing machine

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I had a problem with the machine not draining. Eventually traced this to a coin trapped in the outlet of the pump, after an hour long fight with the machine I managed to retrieve the coin. I don't know if I disturbed or damaged something during the battle to get the coin out. Because now the machine drains fine. But when the drum is due to start I hear 2 loud clicks from the motor and the drum jerks a couple of times. Then the digital display starts to flash displaying the number 7 and The letter F, presumably fault 7. Any Ideas ?



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Konichiwa. Don't know if appliances in the UK are shipped with a tech sheet inside them as they are in the US. If yours has it, it will be located inside the control panel. Unplug the washer, open and the panel and see. We're gonna need that techsheet in order to help you because the database I have does not include overseas model numbers.

Also, photos of the guts of your washer would help us to visuallize the problem. You can post them here using the attachment feature.

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Thanks for the reply. There doesn't seem to be a tech sheet within the machine I have checked the operating instructions though. Within the trouble shooting section in reference  to error codes f4 to f16

"Electrical module fault

The “Spin Speed” indicator and the “Start

Delay” option are flashing and an audible tone

sounds. The display shows “F4” to “F16”.

• Switch off the appliance. Select a programme

and press the “Start/Pause” button once


The programme will continue.

• If the fault re-occurs, contact After Sales

Service (see “After-Sales Service”).

This is the error my machine displays. I've took the back of to have a closer look. After disconnecting the drive belt and watching the motor it seems to me that whatever system controls the speed of the motor in not functioning. When the motor kicks in it seems to go at full speed immediately then a fraction of a second later the machine trips out displaying the above error. Do you think the electrical control module is faulty or could it be the motor itself ?

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Ahh, the infamous electronic control. The electronics boards can easily get thier little brains scrambled by dirty power, voltage transients, surges, sags, swells, and spikes. Try unplugging the washer for at least 30 minutes to let all the CMOS memory bleed down and then plug it back in. Run it and see if the fault re-appears.

If the fault code re-appears, then you'll probably need to replace the motor speed control board.

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