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Speed Queen washer (AWM593W2) brake replacement

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I've got a Speed Queen (AWM593W2) washer that has recently started leaking onto the floor from somewhere inside. I took the front off, hooked up my trouble light and ran a load on the extra large setting. As soon as it began agitating I saw water dripping from the top edge of the drum. After a bit of research online I decided that the brakes must be shot and need replacing. Just to confirm, I ran a smaller load on the medium setting and got zero leakage. Confident in my diagnoisis, I started looking around for brakes which leads us to my question: which brakes are the right brakes?

This site suggests this part which consist of 3 pads, some special screws and some rubber grommets.

Sears Parts Direct promises that this part will work and warns me that it's a subsitution for part number R9900474. My concern is that this part looks completely different.

Lastly, once I do figure out which brakes to buy, what am I getting myself into? Section 8-7 on this page (which shows the 3 pad brake setup) says that it's possible to replace them without pulling the drum but is somewhat vague on the details. Any suggestions or pointers?

thanks in advance


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The brake pads should only need replacing if the wash basket starts spinning in agitation. Did you look with the top raised up with the lid closed to see if the wash basket is spinning during agitation? You may just need to replace the gasket on the tub cover.

If the brake pads do need replacing, you should use the part that Repairclinic shows, not the brake rotor and stator that Sears shows.

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Nope, didn't check that. :turned: So that's basically unscrewing the top from underneath and then lifting the entire top up a bit with the lid closed and peeking in to see if the wash basket is spinning during agitation, right? If I don't see the backet spinning then replacing the tub cover gasket is a more likely fix?

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