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Could it be me?...no........

New GE dishwasher

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3 replies to this topic

#1 babaflowfly



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Posted 11 May 2012 - 07:18 PM

So, I have read Sensei's FAQ list on dishwashers. I have looked at GE's troubleshooting guide and watched 4 VEEERRRYYY boring video's (althought the gal's voice was kinda sexy), and I have read and re-read the manual that came with the unit. Unless I am completely brain dead (and yes, that could be an option) I am not gett'n this one. Short check off list:

1.) Bought brand new GE GLD5768V00SS dishwasher this past Monday.
2.) This is replacing a 9 year old Fridgedr, almost identical machine with same hookup ports on ALL hoses.
3.) Took old one out.
4.) Hooked up new one.
5.) Pushed "go for green"
6.) All seemed to be just fine.
7.) Left room to lazily stroll around something, can't remember now but I know it took a couple hours. Must have been pretty interesting though.
8.) Walked back in the kitchen and "Holy Hell ontop of Mt. Saint Helens!!!"
9.) Water EVERYWHERE. "Honey get the roundabout ready!"
10.) Since washer was not yet pushed back into install area (as I wanted to make sure I would not need our roundabout) I opened the door. There was obviously too much water in holding area. So, I hit start again. Heard the machine run. I skipped to the "drain" part of the cycle. Heard water draining into our garbage disposal side of sink. Got the remaining 65 towles left in our house for clean up (yes, just happened to throw away our old shop vac because of the 'ol "Ah, we never use this peice of crap") Damn!! Stores are closed now!!
11.) All sounded fine while cleaning up. Checked connections for possible leaks, nope. Noted that I heard and saw (by feel) the water draining in drain line...check!
12.) About an hour later, pushed unit under counter and mouted with mounting brackets. Made sure unit was level. And yes, used level not my screwy eyes... Come on now, don't even try that one folks.
13.) Loaded dishwasher.
14. Hit the "go for green".
15.) Stood in wheezing haze for what seemd to be 19 days...just waiting....come on you bast$rd, leak on me, I dare you........
16.) All good.
17.) Started putting away tools, hauling the 65 towles outside to dry.
18.) Walked back into house and "HOLY MOTHER OF CORPIS CHRISTY!!!!!!"
19.) H2O leaking like the Hoover from the bottom sides of the door.
20.) Quickly checked fitting underneath while parting the waterfall in front of me (they were the only damn things not leaking).
21.) Sat there soaked and crying.
22.) Went to fridge.
23.) "SON OF A BISQUIT PICNIC ON A WEDNESDAY NIGHT! I'm outta beer and....the stores are closed!"
24.) That was 2 days ago. I am finally my normal human color.

~While this is meant to be a somewhat humorous take on my current situation, it really has caused me to up my BP medication. I am aware of draining and leakage problems because of bad seals, blocked drain lines, and disposal cap's. This one has me scratch'n my head. Nothing has changed from when I pulled the old unit out to putting the new in. Same hook up placements and leveling tactics. We can't get warranty out till Monday because place we bought from (HD) says that after 48 hours in your home, you HAVE to deal with factory. I told her that "after 48 hours my sanity, my grace, and my world will be gone and do YOU want that unfavorable responsibility on your hands for the rest of your adult life?. I mean, do you have any idea in your selfish isolated world who I am? Huh? ....miss?, miss? miss! ....are you there? DAMN!!!!"

I could not have been this lucky to actually have a brand new $500 peice of crap, could I?

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#2 jumptrout



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Posted 12 May 2012 - 05:28 PM

From all the above I understand your dishwasher leaks,BUT, you have failed to identify were the leak is originating because you set it to run and you leave.
How can we help you with no information to go on?
Is it,
leaking during fill,
while washing,
during pump out?

#3 certified tech group 51

certified tech group 51


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Posted 13 May 2012 - 10:11 AM

It leaked and you still installed it??? A leak at a dish washer is all about the waiting game.............If the service call is for 'A dishwasher leaking'......I take in a piece of carpet that is rubber backed......Cuz you may be be laying there for some time, just waiting for the first drip to locate the source of the drip...................... 'Leaks at fill',....'Leaks when it drains'...."I walked into the kitchen and " Holy Hell "...............And then the proverbial "I can't fix it if it will not leak for me "... :urinate: .........The best one was a lady blaming her dog for a small leak ...........................The fun part is, You are laying there with water running down your arm, using your mirror to look up, reaching around energized lines.......... :woot: ..........

#4 tommytech



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Posted 19 May 2012 - 10:47 AM

re: #23 ALWAYS ALWAYS keep a back up stash in case of such an emergency.

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