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Kenmore electric range\oven: I've gone too far to give up now!

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Brand: Kenmore

 Type: Range/Oven

Model: 911.9344190 Serial: 5A264454Q

Oven won't heat; rangetop works fine. If I turn the oven control knob to Bake (any temperature), Broil or Clean, the bottom, red ("Pre-heated") light blinks and neither element begins to heat; no error code appears in clock display. Both elements in oven are intact and will heat if I manually close the electromagnet relays on circuitboard.

I replaced the Clock/Control Board (Part #: WB27K5127). Unfortunately, the new part didn't correct my problem.

I thought that I might have reconnected the wires for P3(L1) and P4(N) backwards [P5(BROIL), and P6(BAKE)], but when I reversed them, it made no difference.

I have no Ohm/Multimeter to test the SENSOR (Part #: WB21X0158).

The the Clock/Control Board has been replaced and both elements are intact and functional. Could it be anything other than the sensor at this point (I'm trying to decide whether to buy a ohm/multimeter or just go ahead and buy the sensor). Are there other things I should check on the range/oven before buying either the ohm/multimeter or the sensor?

Please help me save what's left of my dignity (after buying and replacing the wrong part).

Lower Than a Grasshopper

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Might as well just go buy a sensor and if that dosn't work wet your figers and stick em in the outlet to check for 220:yikes: But for future use get yourself a ohm/multimeter

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Thanks, FatMan, for the quick reply!


Hope I don't have to check the outlet :shock:

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