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Guest B. Burtch

maytag gas dryer DG7500

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I have a Maytag gas dryer that runs on propane.

In the past it has taken a long time to dry, sometimes getting hot and sometimes only luke warm.  At this point, it only runs cold.  I cleaned the vents inside and out, checked the resistance/continuity of all the igniter, burner parts as well as the thermal fuse. All have continuity.   I have continuity in the flame switch, although the window is cracked and also continuity in the igniter switch.  Both solinoids have continuity as well as the high temp switch on the burner tube.  The dryer heat setting dial you set prior to starting the dryer has never worked to measure the time.  I've been in the house for almost five years. 

What do you recommend?  One person told me to start with the flame switch. 

I don't know the progression of the ignition sequence so I'm not sure what happens when. 

Please HELP !


bob b

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

The flame switch should not be cracked, you will need this requardless of what else may be wrong, here is some information that may help you, then tell us exactly what your dryer is doing at what time, get a visual on that the igniter is doing and when..

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Long dry time is also caused by the dryer vent blocked and/or the coils on the gas valve getting weak.....

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