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Electrolux Bullet Style Ice Maker Issue

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Electrolux M#: EI28BS56IS4

I haven't been out yet but as this call is so far out of my normal coverage area I was hoping to have some ideas / pointers to carry with me on my initial trip.

Customer says the ice make began "dropping the ice too soon". That is that the ice was thin and watery. Then it stopped producing ice all together. Also the ice bucket / bin temp is 28 deg. o it won't keep any ice frozen in the bin either. No odd noises before it stopped making ice and no error codes ever appeared.

After reading through the service manual I have decided to suspect the ice maker pcb in the rear of the unit, the eev refrigerant cut off / regulating expansion valve, ice maker fan motor, ice maker evaporator def heater and termination t-stat and ice maker thermistor.

That's a lot in it's self, I know. Of course there's a lot more to this over designed monstrosity.

Again any pointers would be very much appreciated.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

You may be freezer recovery mode...

And here's how to get into diagnostic mode...

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