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DD603 drain hose replacement...whoops

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Hello again, ninjas.

So today I replaced the drain hoses on my tenant's DD603, per this thread.

Overall the job seemed to go okay, and I confirmed that both of the hoses were in fact clogged. However, the hose/wire loom routing was a bear. After I replaced the hoses and got everything back together, neither one of the drawers would close smoothly and completely. The upper drawer will seal if you keep it firmly pushed in while starting it, but the lower will not; it gives the five tone warning if you try to start it. On the plus side, when I ran a cycle on the upper drawer it drained fully, so at least something is working.

Obviously the hoses and wire loom aren't laying properly when the drawers are closed. Are there any tricks to getting this right? I found it particularly hard to get the length of the drain hose precise. Also, I noticed here that the link support kit with the wire hanger is now recommended for both top and bottom drawers. We have the link support on the upper drawer, but the lower drawers has a stiff nylon wire with three cable clamps.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. My tenant's getting annoyed, so if I can't get this resolved quickly I'll probably have to resort to a professional (which I perhaps should have in the first place :no:).

Thanks again for your help!


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

drain hose replacement is THE worst job to do

if you didnt mark the hoses and do it properly in the first place then the fix is 10 times harder

for the top drawer you can take out the bottom drawer and remove the lower lid and then you can get inside the dishwasher and see how the hose and cable fold in when closing and work out what is wrong

with the bottom drawer you can do the same from the top and see how things fold in when you close the drawer

hoses will either be in the wrong spots or twisted

again i hate that job, its the WORST job you can attack on the dishdrawer

thats the best tips i can give you

good luck

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