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Maytag mav6200aww brake will not release?

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My 11 year old maytag mav6200aww quit spinning. It spun intermittently for a while, then finally stopped altogether. I lifted it up, found what I believe was the remains of the cover that used to be on the main pulley and what looks like a plastic washer. I researched the problem on your site and found that it was recommended to get a thrust bearing kit and belt and replace them. So, when it says to turn it counterclockwise and the brake "should" release and the drum begin to spin... well, it doesn't. in fact after replacing the thrust bearing kit, then turning it counterclockwise to test it, it was difficult to turn and the retaining ring (which wasn't all the way on so that I could replace the washer if necessary after testing), popped off and snapped part of the end of the drive shaft off with it.(the part that holds the ring on, not all of it, but part). What do else do I need to do? Replace the brake? The whole transmission? Please help.

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