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Asko W620 Washer - Detergent Drawer Safety Latch...Needed?

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Gurus and such,

I have to replace the Control Panel on my Asko W620. It was in rough shape to begin with and while replacing the motor and doing other repairs it broke (or rather 'I broke it') for good and, well, the time is now. I am not at all that worried about the acts of replacement; I am pretty familiar with this machine...but:

The detergent drawer cover has a safety latch that I have never actually used, but it is busted too and I want to know if it's required part. I would like to just not replace it.

My gut is telling me it will be fine without it, just wanted ask you fine folks before I spend 30+ bucks on the three little parts that constitute the safety latch :)

Thanks so much,


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